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Dental Implants are standard of care when it comes to restoring missing teeth.  Dental implants are made of biocompatible titanium that mimic the root of your natural tooth.  Dental implants are used in a number of cases such as: replacement of one or several missing teeth, retention of a full denture, or retention of a partial denture.

What does a dental implant treatment require?
Dental implants are completed in 2 phases: surgical and restorative phase which typically take several months to complete.  The surgical phase consists of initial implant placement in the bone; this is done in one visit and under local anesthetic.  Following initial placement, a small suture is placed, and a temporary restoration is placed and to be worn during implant healing. It will take about 8-12 weeks for the implant to heal before any permanent restoration can be placed.

During the restorative and final phase of implant therapy, an impression/ digital scan is taken to ensure an accurate impression is taken of the implant site in order to fabricate the final and permanent restoration.  Prior to delivery of the final crown or restoration, the fit and esthetics are verified and then the permanent restoration is placed.  Oral home care instructions along with emphasis on regular dental visits will aid in the longevity and health of your new smile.

Am I a candidate for dental implant/s?

Replacing missing teeth immediately instead of waiting several years prevents you from more expensive treatments later. 

Many patients find implant dentistry a worthwhile investment, since it is one of the most successful dental procedures available, with a high success rate of 90-95%.  

Many factors play into the success of dental implant.  A few common components that your dentist will look for include:

Adequate bone support

Since dental implants fuse with jawbone, adequate bone density and quality is one of the most important requirements for dental implant success.

Children often don’t qualify for implant dentistry since their bones have not completely developed. Bone grafting or mini-implants are sometimes considered for patients who do not have enough bone structure.

Good overall health

Since implant dentistry requires a surgery, it is important that you are in good health. Patients who drink alcohol, smoke, or have diabetes usually have lower success rates.  These conditions can lower oral health, which affects the healing process of the implant.

Healthy Gums

Healthy gums are necessary to support your new dental implant as it fuses with the jawbone. Patients with high risk of periodontal disease often experience dental implant failure.

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